At ArenaFit we are about getting you results and the body you want. Classes are at a minimum because hard work and self determination is at a maximum. If you are looking for Zumba, I am afraid this is not the place. If you are looking for bootcamps, a fully equipped gym, results provided by the best trainers around whose services are a call away and an owner who is dedicated to working with, correcting where neccessary and developing his members passion for fitness client or not, then this is the place. Come and Check out what we have to offer.


Membership at ArenaFit does not mean you are left alone, we provide essential advice where and when you need it and for those of you unsure about where you fit in at a gym, we write up daily workouts, Strength and HIIT on our workout board for you to follow, signed off by one of our personal trainers or myself, you know your experience and workout with us is always coming from a professional stand point. We offer two basic options for membership and have taken away the 10 choices of membership that most gyms provide to keep things simple. Both our membership rates provide you with full access at all opening times peak or off-peak. Get in contact with us to find out more!

Standard Rate

£32 per month


£27 per month

+Unlimited bootcamp

£40 per month

+Unlimited bootcamp

£35 per month

All prices are subject to a £10 joining fee



    Our Personal trainers are the best in the area and want to help you achieve your goals, come check them out.


    For a couple of years I have run one of the most successful bootcamps in the area, something I am very proud of and now want to provide to you and only you as a part of your on-going ArenaFit membership. Get in contact to chat to us more about this service.


In the past and currently we have had fantastic success with clients on our 6 week shred programs, now we want to provide you with access to these. This service is provided by our trainers at a cost specified by them, run mainly out of gym hours to give you access to the equipment on your own. It is also the only service other than personal training that you dont need to be a member to be a part of, however remember members do get an automatic 30% off these courses. If your unsure about PT on your own and prefer working in groups but still want access to the best knowledge and training in the area, this is it. Get in contact with us to get signed up and start shredding that unwanted waistline.


Now although this is not a service, it is a promise. When you have been going to the gym for a while you learn there are two big reasons why people leave for somewhere else.

1. There is not enough parking or you have to pay for it, doubling your membership costs.

2. The gym is too crowded.

At ArenaFit we are fed up with it and are not about greed, so we provide our members with a promise. When the gym starts looking too full day in day out, the membership will be capped, it’s as simple as that, so If you want to be a part of something exclusive that you will never want to leave, I suggest you hit that contact button below.


Let us help you get fit today


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Unit 1a lodge farm
North Warnborough
RG29 1HA
Monday - Friday: 6:45am - 9pm
Saturday: 8am - 1pm
Sunday: 8am - 1pm

01256 703112
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