Living in-between Hook and Odiham almost my whole life I have learnt two things about the fitness community around here, they enjoy it but they have to travel for it. The famous old saying of if someone paid me £1 for every time I heard “when is someone going to open up a proper gym around here” corny as it is, rings true with me, because from the moment I started using the gym, I started saying it myself.

Now there are gyms around here I won’t doubt that, but in my eyes and I have worked in a few of them, not proper gyms. A gym is not somewhere you go to read a book on a treadmill and watch Jeremy Kyle on the TV. You go to the gym to sweat, improve your fitness, lift heavy, run fast and then repeat that cycle day in day out, that’s the kind of gym Odiham and Hook has been missing, that is the kind of gym all those people I have heard say “when is someone going to open a proper gym around here” where talking about it, why else would they have been saying it with other gyms around the area already? That’s what ArenaFit is.

We lift heavy, we run fast and we repeat that cycle over and over again, not only that, but we make sure our members do exactly the same. Now if you require a class, or you wish to dance around a room, that’s your bag and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, I have taught those classes myself, At ArenaFit however, thats not our philosophy. We wanted to create somewhere where the barriers between people feeling intimidated by big gyms are broken down. With our daily workouts which I change everyday, both for HIIT and strength, we have taken away the need for a program when you sign up.

Now when you sign up to a gym, they will sell it to you by saying “We will give you a bespoke 6 week program” no they wont. Ever seen this before in a gym program?

Warm up - 5 minutes on your choice of cardio equipment
3 X 10 - Lat pull down
3 X 10 - Leg press
3 X 10 - Chest press
20 minute jog on treadmill
Cool down - 5 minutes stretching


Boring, Boring, Boring. Your workout does not need to be like that and at ArenaFit, we make sure it’s not. This is what I and all those other people meant and were looking for, well now it’s here and we want you to come down and try us out. The Hook and Odiham area has needed a gym like this for a long time, somewhere that provides Hard Hitting HIIT workouts that change everyday, Strength workouts that will have you filling your T-Shirts and a gym that is run and owned only be personal trainers, not only that but the best in the area and we 100% believe that, so we make sure it comes across in our own training, our clients training and our members training. Tried, Tested and Proven.

We are also not about greed at ArenaFit, not only are we the cheapest gym in Hook, Odiham, Basingstoke, Fleet, the list goes on. We are also the newest, with equipment that you wont have seen before. On top of that we also have our ArenaFit promise, to cap the membership when it starts getting too busy. Ever heard of a gym doing that? Capping its profits in order to ensure it’s members can always have a great workout? So that Arenafit members never feel like sardines in a can, so that equipment they want to use is always available. Stop having the piss taken out of you and giving your money to people who only care about their profits rather than your fitness and come chat to ArenaFit, we promise you won’t be dissapointed, we promise you will want to join and we promise you will feel like the gym that has been missing in Hook and Odiham, is now here.

Sam Taylor
Step Inside Your Arena