I am Aidan Hudson, owner of Hudson fitness and Personal Trainer at ArenaFit. My goals are to help you improve yourself and become a better you. From improving movement patterns and biomechanics to making your metabolism run at an optimal level, an evidence-based approach and the implementation of scientifically proved ideas and methodologies throughout my training practices allow me to help you achieve this.

Furthering my knowledge and improving the level of training I can offer is paramount to me. I am currently studying with the hope of achieving my MSc degree in Strength and Conditioning, so if you see me in the coffee shop I am probably studying or reading relevant research articles (and drinking coffee).

I love what I do and put that passion and drive into my clients and my life. I enjoy lifting heavy things and listening to heavy music (don’t worry this will not be forced upon my trainees). When not training people, I am spending time with my wife and daughter, learning, lifting, listening to music, playing football, Ice hockey.