Hello my name is Lottie, personal trainer at ArenaFit and owner of Lottie Fennell Fitness & Wellbeing.
Recently qualifying at the beginning of this year, health and fitness has always played a huge role in my life. It wasn’t until 3 years ago when I travelled to Thailand and signed up to one of their fitness camps, that my love for health and fitness grew even more. I learnt so much about my body, what it was capable of and how it affected me mentally. I have always struggled with anxiety and self-confidence, but exercising massively helped with these struggles and my journey became one of strength and self-belief.

I became a PT to help inspire other people that fitness is a journey and one that comes from within. Our thoughts play a huge role in our daily lives and I strongly believe, that in order to make long term sustainable changes, adapting these thoughts and your mindset is key. This is an area that I am very passionate about, therefore I am furthering my knowledge and currently studying to become a Wellness and Life Coach. I want to help you achieve your goals by working together to find out what works for you, what you enjoy doing and what you can implement into your daily life to get you there.

I want you to enjoy training. I want you to feel strong on both the inside and outside. I want you to believe in yourself and be confident in who you are and what you can achieve. I love training and how it makes me feel and I want you to feel that too. I want you to fall in love with being the very best version of yourself.’