I have always had an interest in health and fitness, and I have now worked in the fitness industry for the last 15 years. I took the jump to leave my old job and follow my passion after myself and my partner watched a programme called “A Life Coach Less Ordinary” about The Speakmans. This couple are a bit off the wall but we liked the idea of what they were doing…helping and improving peoples quality of life through fitness and psychological techniques.

Inspired (and being miserable in our jobs) we both took the jump and studied, ultimately left our jobs, and we haven’t looked back since. Together we developed Hypnocise, a weight management programme that combines personal training and hypnotherapy/psychological techniques, delivered in groups and online.

As well as seeing one to one clients, I have also enjoyed delivering bootcamps and exercise classes, and enjoy exercising outside in the fresh air. Becoming a personal trainer is perhaps one of the best decisions in my life…long days, unsociable hours, but the rewards are always worth it. There is nothing better than to see the benefits of a client’s hard work, be those big or small goal achievements, and the effect it has on their health, fitness, confidence and self-belief.